A close-up of the sticker sheet.  The Exam Day sticker has a pen with colorful hearts and lines to write the time and subject of the exam.  The Study stickers show the word "study" in red, yellow green, and blue rainbow colors.

College Exam Day Stickers

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Have you looked at your class syllabus lately? Does it show your future exam date and time? If so, plan ahead with these exam day stickers into your agenda, life planner, or desk calendar to remind you what days you should be studying, as well as when your next exam day will be. Relax, you got this!

Product Details:

❤️ 1 sheet

❤️ Each sheet is approximately 4 X 6 inches

❤️ Each sticker is 1.5 x 1.75 inches (Exam Day) 0.75 x 0.5 (Study)

❤️ 6 total Exam Day stickers, 11 total Study stickers

❤️ Glossy or matte paper

❤️ Perfect for any life planner or desk calendar

❤️ Hand drawn and made by me!