Music Teacher Rotation Schedule Planner Stickers

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Fa la la la la it’s time to tap your feet and sing along in music class today! Do you like making your teacher calendar just as pretty as your favorite classical concerto? Then we have just what you need. These hand-made music teacher rotation schedule planner stickers are sure to jazz up your planner while also making it easier to track your classes.

Each sticker is about 0.25 in. and fits perfectly in the corner of a calendar day.

There are 3 types of art rotation sticker packs to choose from:

❤️ 6 Day Music Rotation 

❤️ 8 Day Music Rotation 

❤️ 10 Day Music Rotation

Note: We included some Day 0's in the package for when your school has a testing day or other special full day events.

The stickers are printed on glossy or matte paper and work perfectly with nearly all day planners, especially Erin Condren planners, but feel free to add them to the planner you love the most!

I created the design, drew them by hand, and printed them myself!