Rotation Schedule: Music, P.E., Computer/STEM, Art Class

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Hello Teachers! Here is a sweet sticker set to help you organize your teacher planner and desk calendar. This set is one of kind, for you cannot find rotation specialist stickers anywhere else. As a teacher myself, I know how hard it can be to keep track of your rotation days when you have so many other things to do! I created the design myself after receiving multiple requests from fellow teachers at my school. They wanted an easy way to know which rotation specialist their students have throughout the week. This set helps them do just that, and also makes their calendars look gorgeous!

The stickers are printed on glossy paper and work perfectly with nearly all day planners.

Product Details:

❤️ Each sheet is approximately 4 X 6 inches

❤️ Each sticker is 0.5 inches in diameter

      🍎 12 Art Rotation stickers

      🍎 18 P.E. Rotation stickers

      🍎 12 Music Rotation stickers

      🍎 12 Computer Rotation stickers

❤️ Available in glossy or matte paper

❤️ Perfect for any life planner or desk calendar

❤️ Hand drawn and made by me, a fellow teacher!